Rotary Unions

rotary unionOrtlinghaus has been manufacturing single and multi-channel rotary inlets for several decades and these are frequently supplied as accessories for air and oil actuated and also for oil cooled clutches. These tried and tested machine components for the feeding of air, pressurised oil and cooling oil into rotating shafts are standard products and are not only for use in conjunction with clutches. In addition to this Ortlinghaus also develops and manufacturers rotary inlets to customers own requirements which cannot be met from standard products listed in the catalogue.

It is thus possible for example to manufacture rotary inlets with up to eight channels with the channels being able to carry different media (air/oil; air/water). Ortlinghaus special rotary inlets are not specific to a particular sealing system but the best sealing components will be chosen to suit the application requirements.

Series 0-086-006

An inexpensive single channel rotary inlet for the feeding of compressed air, preferably slightly oiled, to rotating machine components. It is widely used for instance in the actuation of press clutches; fitted on the end of the shaft, it allows the direct connection of a press safety valve.

Medium:  Air
Pressure:  up to 15 bar
Speed (min-1):  up to 3150**
Temperature:  up to 70°C
Connections:  70 to 435G 1/4 to G 2 M 16×1,5-M 65×1,5

**Depending on pressure range and design

Series 0-086-010

This tried and tested single channel rotary inlet is used to feed oil or pressurised oil to rotating machine components e.g. for the actuation of clutches and clamping devices. A high grade axial plain seal allows leak-free operation up to a temperature of 120° C.

The rotor and the housing are fitted with central threaded fittings; the oil feeds can be fitted externally or recessed.

Medium:  Oil
Pressure:  up to 70 bar
Speed (min-1):  up to 1500**
Temperature:  up to 120°C
Connections:  G 3/8 to G1

**Depending on pressure range and design

Series 0-088-226/-326

A pressurised oil rotary inlet, two or three channels, with a flange on the rotor for face mounting onto rotating machine components. The gap sealing system used has a tendency to leak. Along with the pressurised oil connections there are connecting threads on the housing for oil leakage and measurement connections. These oil inlets permit the feed of larger quantities of oil or pressurised oil at temperatures of up to around 100° C.

Medium:  Oil
Pressure:  up to 70 (100)* bar
Speed (min-1):  up to 2500**
Temperature:  up to 100°C
Connections:  Flange 81 to 150 Housing G 1/2 to G 1

* Series 0-088-326. Size 35
**Depending on pressure range and design

Series 0-088

Rotary inlets for liquid and gases to customers specific requirements which cannot be met by the standard products listed in the catalogue.

Medium:  “Oil, water, air”
Pressure:  as required
Speed (min-1):  as required
Temperature:  depends on design
Connections:  as required

For further information concerning technical data, dimensions and required data for dimensioning please contact Orttech at 440-498-7458 or