Ortlinghaus Metalforming Products


Product Overview

The various uses of Ortlinghaus products, such as industrial brakes and clutches in industrial drives, are just as numerous as the types of machines and systems they are installed on. One thing is always in the foreground: proper function and thus the optimum control of the transmission of force – the control of torque.

This is the capability of Ortlinghaus industrial products, regardless of the fact if we at Orttech are looking at an Ortlinghaus combination of industrial clutch/brake units, Ortlinghaus clutches, Ortlinghaus brakes, or Ortlinghaus plate design. This makes the Orttech/Ortlinghaus group manufacturer specialists in the complicated field of drives and a supplier of premium Power Transmission components for this large field.


Industries Served

  • Press Technology
    • Automotive presses
    • Servo presses
    • C-frame presses
    • Forging presses
  • Marine Technology
    • Propulsion
    • Decks machinery
    • Port
  • Winch Technology
    • Cranes
    • Hydraulic drills
  • Agriculture Technology
    • Tractor
    • Shredder
    • Harvester
    • Skidding winch