Plates for dry- and wet-running clutches and brakes

PlatesThis product group includes all plate type friction components for clutches and brakes which possess driving teeth or lugs on their outer or inner diameters. Both plate and counterplate must be considered together, in general one plate with friction material works together with a counterplate of steel or cast iron. The plates are the important functional element in every clutch and brake, and have been developed in many different ways since the early days of clutches and brakes. Ortlinghaus has played an important role in the total development of friction clutches, one example of its contributions being the patented, well known, sprung steel plate, known world-wide under the trademark “Sinus”.

Plates OrtlingThe use for the first time of sintered plates in clutches, was also an important development. In the course of this development every relevant technological step forward – whether in frictional material, mechanical or heat treatment process – has been applied directly to the manufacture of the plates. As a result Ortlinghaus plates today contain the results of nearly one hundred years of research and development and represent a highly specialised component. Supported by the experience gained over this long period of time, Ortlinghaus is today, able to provide a very comprehensive range of clutch and brake plates in a multitude of different dimensions, friction combinations and surface patterns.

The number of standard plates listed in our catalogue is large and most of these are available ex stock, satisfying most of our customer requirement from this well proven range. Our customers benefit from quick availability and a good price arrived at from volume production. Should it not be possible to solve a particular design problem with these plates, as listed in our catalogue, we are always ready to manufacture plates to meet specific customer wishes. In this area too our experience is extensive, every requirement can be satisfied with the aid of the most modern manufacturing techniques.

Types of clutch plates

The main characteristic features of the different types of plates are described in the following sections in order to make clear the variety and to aid customers in making the correct choice.

This brief summary of the wide variety of different plates clearly shows that the advice of experienced specialists should always be sought if the best friction combination is to be selected for the particular application in question.

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